Bellydance Evolution

Bellydance Evolution II



Bellydance Evolution is a world-class dance -show, featuring top artists in the field of Middle Eastern dance & music.
Each artist brings their own unique style to the show, making this an extraordinary collection of  diverse styles of dance & music.

Created by World Famous Bellydancer Jillina in August 2009, BDE has already taken the world by storm.

They have performed to sold out theaters in Los Angeles, New York, Washington
DC, Seoul, Bali, Indonesia, Germany, Morocco,
China, Taiwan, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, Italy,
Czech Republic, & Japan.

The Principle artists are also master instructors and share their signature dance styles in workshops with students of all levels

The  the very special thing is:
For those professional dancers who want to be part of the breathtaking show, there is one big chance:
BDE also has  an online dance competition  to give dancers the opportunity to be part of this truly unique show!

About the show “Alice in Wonderland”:

More information soon. Stay tuned.


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