Bellydance Evolution – The Dark Side of the Crown (2013)


Bellydance Evolution – The Dark Side of the Crown

On 31 May 2013 at the Kulturhaus Dornbirn there is not only the presentation of the world-class Bellydance Evolution Show “The Dark Side of The Crown”, but also a short pre-show, which is designed by local dancers and guests from abroad: modern oriental dance with Nabilas Ensemble Ya Salaam, mysterious tribal with Wakandas Tribe, hot HipHop by move4style and unique blends of Modern and Oriental of the jomdance-company. Even the students of Nabila’s Bellydance Studio Ya Salaam will be on stage.

After this brief pre-show “The Dark Side of The Crown” will take the audience under the spell: a mixture of many different dance styles performed to modern and traditional music from the East, a story of love, power, and murder presented by world-class artists.

Beginning: 7:30 pm
Doors open at: 7pm



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